Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The egg has landed!

It's official: I've ovulated, very possibly for the first time since 2006!

My blood test showed elevated levels of progesterone consistent with me having ovulated seven to ten days ago. I'm really pleased that I know my own body better than I thought I did, as those pains at the football last weekend were clearly my egg or eggs being released.

And I'm extremely pleased that the lowest dosage (50mg) of clomiphene has done the trick. The side effects weren't horrific but neither were they fun, and I really didn't fancy moving to a higher dosage. At least even if I'm not pregnant this cycle we can try again on the 50, and this time I'll recognise and perhaps even be able to time ovulation more precisely.

It's so, so, so hard not to let myself believe that it's worked. The nurse who called me this afternoon with my results said if my period hasn't shown up in 10 days, I should go to the clinic for a blood pregnancy test - more reliable on lower concentrations of hCG than urine ones.

Were my cycle to track its usual, non-gimp-month pattern, I'd be due on Saturday or Sunday. I don't believe I have ever wanted my period less, in all the time we've been doing this. I have absolutely no symptoms, of either impending periodhood or pregnancy, but it's still early for either so I'm not sure I can infer much from that.

It's impossible to think constructively about anything other than the fact I might now be pregnant. My mum just said the following words to me over the phone: "Just try to put it out of your mind." Honestly, mother. I forgave her though as she also told me she lit a candle for my potential pregnancy while visiting Sacre Coeur this weekend. After my and hubby's sojourn earlier in the year, Paris is aflame with candles praying for my fecundity!

It is perhaps foolish to be too hopeful, but I can certainly be positive. I can act like I'm pregnant until I know differently. I can symptom-spot and give myself a bit of TLC after all this stress. I can focus with every fibre of my being on what might be happening inside me right now.

And best of all, hubby and I don't have to have sex again this cycle! I am disproportionately pleased about this; as, I would wager, is he.


Rambler said...

I had to laugh at the last line about not dealing with having sex again this cycle. There are some weeks I've been like that...just relieved!!

Glad to see you got the better of the two options after you had your blood work drawn. And hope to see some positive news.

Anonymous said...

I pray you get your baby. If not this time, maybe next month.

Gosh, I do hope you get even happier news soon. ;-)



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