Saturday, 12 January 2008

The barren woman's hate list - item #5: celeb bumps

I realise this diatribe has echoes of my previous post condemning all pregnant women, but to me pregnant celebrities deserve a rant all of their own.

First of all, how MANY of them are there?! I'm sure when I was avidly reading Smash Hits, More! and Heat as a teenager and student, and even in my early twenties, the world was not populated exclusively by knocked up actresses and popstars. Every show I watch seems to reveal another gestating geisha girl: Myleene Klass, Lauren Laverne - and those are just the most recent that spring to mind!

The worst ones are those who are given the gift of a child despite an improbably hedonistic lifestyle, and then proceed to piss motherhood up the wall by engaging in unseemly activities such as alcoholism, drugs, anorexia and being photographed with no pants on. I'm not sure if blog ranting can result in being sued for libel, but Britney Spears and Nicole Richie, I'm thinking of YOU. Anyway, my understanding of libel is that it has to be untrue.

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