Friday, 4 April 2008

Are you kidding me?

A pregnant bloke?


I'm sorry, but are you HAVING A LAUGH?!

It's really a sad state of affairs when it's easier for a man to conceive than it is for me.

I got my period in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Saying that, what I mean is I got a smear of blood on Wednesday which I assumed was my period, so after a) crying so much my eyes puffed out and b) having a massive fight with hubby about the fact that I'm scared of the HSG, I got up for work and, on the way, rang the hospital to book in for the hideoussalpingogram itself.

The lady I spoke to was lovely, and I'm in next Friday at 11am. However, my period never actually started. Aside from the nocturnal smear of blood and a little bit of brown sludge over the past few days, I've not started bleeding properly.

What the fuck's it playing at? I'm booked in now, and if it doesn't start flowing tomorrow, it won't have finished in time for the HSG to happen.

It's one thing to have polycystic ovaries. It's one thing not to be able to conceive even after two years of trying harder than I've ever tried for anything.

It's quite another when your own body seems hell-bent on making life as difficult as possible.

How do you wage war against yourself?


s.e. said...

I've been smiling myself about all the upset over this news story. And of course it has to be a stupid American!

I think periods, puffy eyes and husband fights always go together, don't they? Our stories are becoming more and more similiar as the days go on. Could one of us just get a real period and be done with it?

Anonymous said...

Hello...So sorry you feel so shitty. I wish things would go better for you. Might I suggest one thing, though? One little thing...and I 100% could be wrong...But, is it possible that you're subconsciously causing your period to stay away? There are tons of documented cases of women who think about their periods SO SO much, that they just don't show up for a month. Most of these cases have to do with women who are due for their period on their wedding nights or something....Perhaps you just thought about the HSG and your period so much, that it caused it to just...stop.

As shitty as your situation is, I just got some shitty news too....Thought I'd share...
As of now, I've been ordered to stop TTC. I was recently diagnosed with an EXTREMELY SEVERE case of hypothyroidism. the charts, so bad there isn't much literature on cases like mine....bad bad case. Doctors have made me comprehend that, if I were to finally get pregnant now (even though, technically, with this level of hypothyroidism I should be infertile), my child's health would be SERIOUSLY compromised. With these levels of TSH in my system put me at massive risk for stillborns, miscarriage, or the birth of a child with severe impairments.
Ugh...this SUCKS!

grace minque said...

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