Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An egg but no soldiers

When I got home from work today, hubby announced that his sister had given birth to her second son this afternoon.

I accepted the news relatively graciously (I bit back "Oh fucking DID she"), and was and remain glad that mother and baby are both healthy and doing well. However, it has obviously been difficult to digest, not least because I went to the clinic this morning for my day 21 tests and have been feeling gloomy ever since.

The nurse rang with the results at 4.30 this afternoon and it turns out I have ovulated again, as I knew I had from the pain two Sundays ago. My progesterone levels are apparently really good. But the clinic has said that if my period comes - and let there be no mistake, it will - they want me to come in to discuss where we go next before embarking on my next course of clomiphene.

It was the nurse who vampirised me this morning who said this. I asked her why I couldn't just have my third go before the next-steps consultation, and she said if clomiphene is going to work it usually does quickly. Just dandy.

So then I come home to the news that fecundity abounds north of the border in hubby's family, and pardon me for not being over the fucking moon. Hubby has been impatient with me all evening and eventually pulled me up on my "mood". I asked him whether he would like me to jump up and down about how happy I am that his sister has two babies and I have none. At this point his phone beeped with the latest of the 870 slideshows and videos she - and she should NOT be using a mobile phone in a hospital - has decided we would like to see.

A fight ensued, mainly about my frustrations with him being unable to perform at the critical point in the month, which if I am honest is driving me to despair. He has approached his doctor about it and has been offered a prescription for a well-known erectile stimulant to help matters along, but he refuses to take it because of - get this, it's good - potential side effects.

Yes, that's right. It's fine for me to pump myself full of hormones and chemicals like a frigging brood mare, to have a headache and feel sick most days as a result, and to have stabby, jabby pains during the forced ovulation of however many fucking eggs this drug is making me produce, but will he take one little blue pill a couple of nights a month so he can get it up? Will he fuck.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice I am somewhat less chipper than I was in my last post. That's because right after those four days of fun, the entire world started to go wrong. My grandmother had a stroke. My beloved eighteen-year-old cat had a fit and was diagnosed with kidney failure; he has since stabilised but the condition will ultimately and shortly cause his demise. And a whole heap of other shit happened that has just left me exhausted and faintly curious to see what happens next.

I guess I should be hopeful after being told today that I've ovulated. But that happened on the Sunday and I just don't think we had enough sex. We did it on the Wednesday night, then on the Saturday afternoon, and that's it. We attempted it several more times but he couldn't deliver. The Saturday shag does stand us in reasonably good stead as I've read it's best the day before the egg pops out, but if it had been up to me - and I say this purely out of the urge to get as much sperm into me as possible, rather than any joy or desire for the act itself - we'd have done it Thursday, Friday and Sunday too.

Add to that the stress I've been under in the past fortnight and you do not have a scenario conducive to conception. I'm certain, absolutely certain, that it hasn't worked. A small part of me dares not hope after the utter wracking devastation my last period caused. But the majority of me already knows this cycle is a doomed deal.


Alison said...

I'm so sorry about the terrible time you've been having lately! On top of all the raging hormones I'm sure you are experiencing... I'm pretty sure I'd be freaking out and not in the best of moods to hear about someone else having a baby either!

I think in your situation with your husband and his little blue pill phobia... I'd be tempted to crush one up and sneak it into his food!!! LOL! That is just not fair for you to be pumped full of hormones and be poked and prodded and he can't even help himself when his problem is so easy to fix!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, I know how it feels to hear about the newest bundle of joy... Your sister-in-law is somehow insensitive. OK, she is happy, she is proud, but is she also retarded?! Does she not know your ordeal? Women... I feel weird being a woman nurturing such misogynistic feelings, but really now...
As for the hubby non-performance - I can't believe it, how can he NOT take one effing heart pill?! Under certain insurance plans, viagra is 100% reimbursed since it is a HEART medicine with side-effects. Gosh!
I really feel for you. And I am rooting for you.
And for what is worth - I got my wish when I had completely lost all hope. And it turned out a good move, because the deeper the despair and the more you resign yourself, the better it gets when you get your wish. You really feel on the top of the world. I hope you will soon be on top of the world, it's really grand.
With all my best wishes and thoughts,


Anonymous said...

oh man. I'm so sorry.

My SIL has been popping them out at two year intervals... and I understand hwo you feel.

Pei said...

I understand how you feel about the baby news because that used to be how I felt also. Now I try to relax myself and let nature takes its course.

April said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a horrible week. I hope things get better for you soon.

Thalia said...

if he can't get it up but can ejaculate (the 2 don't necessarily go together), he can ejaculate into a cup and use a syringe to transfer the ejaculate into you. Not great but can relieve the tension.

Btw little blue pills are helpful but not a magic bullet.

areyoukiddingme said...

Rough week...and it's not like a fight about performance will help matters either. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother and your cat. That's added stress that you clearly don't need.

Hang in there...I hope next week is better.

Here from L&F

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