Thursday, 1 May 2008

Mothering my furry friend

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. It's been a traumatic week, but the good news is my lovely little cat seems to have come through the operation OK.

He's really been through the mill - the vet kept him overnight because he didn't wake up too quickly from the general anaesthetic, and he also needed a drip to support his kidneys. He looks just terrible - shaved neck where they drew blood, shaved paw where the drip was, and a huge, scary, Cat-of-Frankenstein-esque scar on his back, surrounded by skin that's been dyed blue from the surgical antiseptic solution. My poor darling.

I was so relieved to get him back yesterday morning, and spent the day nursing him. I just watched him all day, and cuddled him lots, and hand-fed him his food and his medicines, and made sure he had plenty of warm, cosy places to rest. During my lunch he started crying for attention, so I left it and cuddled him till he fell asleep, and just ate the cold food later on.

I might sound like I'm being martyrish and holier-than-thou, but that's genuinely not my intention - I loved every second of taking care of him as I was so glad he'd come through OK. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Later, my mum said it was my first taste of motherhood. The endless watching - to make sure they're comfortable enough, and warm enough, and fed and watered, and not in danger. And goddamnit, I was good at it. Really good.

My period's on its way - all the signs are here, including ravenous hunger and aching boobs. For the first month in ages I don't have pre-period hope/anxiety that I might be pregnant. The trauma of the last couple of weeks - in fact, of the whole month, including HSG-buildup - has been such that I honestly haven't had time to dwell on where a fertilised egg would be right now, and ooh, was that a symptom?

In any event, hubby and I haven't had a shag since about 14 April, so if I were pregnant it'd be with the next Messiah...

No, the thing to do now is rest, relax, get my period out of the way and then focus on our follow-up appointment at the clinic on 20 May.

Bring it on. I'm ready for my Clomid, Mr deMille!


s.e. said...

I am so glad your kitty is home and being pampered! And I definitely get the relaxed feeling with a period on it's way. Let the excitement start to will be cycling soon!

Unless you are the next Messiah. Won't that be wonderful?

Michell said...

So glad that kitty is home and doing well.
And yes I've had a bit of that relaxed not thinking about cycling stuff until about a week ago when it hit me I was ready to go again.

Sarah said...

I'm so happy you cat pulled through. He deserves the extra cuddles.:)

KimboSue said...

I started to tear up reading the previous post about putting Mr. Kitty under the knife. I too, would DIE if anything happened to my puppy dog (or my 15 year old cat that still lives with my parents). I am so glad he pulled through. Give him a kitty kiss from me.

Trixie said...

Pleased your furry baby's home. You sound more chilled this month about TTC stuff. I guess, when your baby kitty is ill, it puts things in perspective. x