Thursday, 17 April 2008

The bitch is back

Not a good day.

First off, we found a lump on my cat's back. He's nearly 17, so I've had him more than half my life, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm besotted with him and always have been. I love him like a baby, which is appropriate given he's the closest thing I'll probably ever have to one. A lump at age 17 can't be good news, so he's booked in at the vet's tomorrow for an examination. Another thing to worry about - and my worry barrel is pretty brimming just now.

Next - and this is more in the "infuriating" than "upsetting" category - hubby is complaining of having "done his back in". What this means in reality, given he's only 34, doesn't have a physical job where back injuries are commonplace, and has no genetic conditions that predispose him to back pain, is that he slept a bit funny and has had a twinge. However, him being a bloke, this is The End Of The World.

The word "agony" has been used. Much ibuprofen - a good deal more than I ingested last week - has been consumed. There is talk of time off work. Most importantly of all, sex is off the menu. No, siree. He refuses point blank - apparently, it'd be "impossibly painful".

I struggle to sympathise. Surviving the HSG has somewhat inflated my perception of my own pain threshold - perhaps arrogantly so - but bitchiness aside, I feel that he should just get the fuck on with it, the way I usually have to do.

We know - we know - that there is a higher incidence of pregnancy in the month or so immediately after the HSG. This week - tomorrow, in fact - sees day 14 of this cycle. Do I need to draw him pictures?!

It just seems a shame for me - and yes, me; it was me on the table - to have gone through all that for us to waste potentially the brightest opportunity to conceive since this whole sorry business began.

The logical part of me knows I must wait only another month until our follow-up at the clinic and hopefully our first course of ovulation-stimulating drugs. But I want to make the most of this chance! If our baby can possibly be conceived without pumping me full of hormones in a manner not dissimilar to a cow being readied for breeding, then surely that's a good thing!

Told you I'd be ranting again soon. Don't hate me too much.


s.e. said...

You cannot possibly be a bitch when you provide the support on my blog that makes me tear up. I truly appreciate all your comments. I am so sorry to hear about your cat and hope it's just a fatty deposit or something simple and just a scare.

I would have a hard time sympathizing with my husband also. Men are such babies. Do you think you can convince him just to lay there if you do all the work? Oh, and your cow being readied for breeding analogy made me smile. I do always think we are like cattle waiting in the RE's office!

Trixie said...

I 100% understand why you feel the way you do re: hubby. I'd be the same. Anyway, your blog is so brilliantly written - heart breaking at times but also funny. Thanks. x

Sarah said...

I really don't understand how the hunters and gatherers of society can be such wusses when it comes to a little pain!

Michell said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing s.e. said. Can't he just lay there and let you do it??
I'm so sorry about your cat. That really sucks to have a furbaby that you are worried about. Hope it turns out to be no big deal.