Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hormone soup

Got my first migraine for ages overnight last night - when I was on the Pill, I used to get them every month, which in retrospect was a pretty big clue that my system wasn't too happy. They used to render me completely incapable of doing anything other than lying in a darkened room, whimpering.

I still maintain that one of the most romantic gifts hubby's ever bought me was a packet of gel cushions, which you stick to your forehead during a migraine. They're really cooling and go some way to dulling what can be an agonising pain. He brought them home unexpectedly one day, having "seen them and thought of me", as the saying goes. I know it sounds daft to say I considered that romantic, but there it is - it was just a really thoughtful present.

Anyway, I managed to shift today's onslaught with a handful of painkillers and an extra 15 minutes in bed, which was good. The fact I also have a suppurating pustule on my right cheek, and my moods are swingier than - erm - a swingset, suggests that perhaps my hormones are in turmoil. Good - I hope it means I'm ovulating!

Got a letter from the clinic this morning, which caused my sphincter to liquefy as I assumed it was the HSG summons. It turned out to be confirmation that my smear was normal, which is great news. All I need now is the results of my bloods and then we'll be able to proceed.

I've sort of calmed down a bit about it all for the time being. Now that I know it's going to be a few weeks, I guess I've accepted that there's no point passing the time in a state of bug-eyed horror...

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